Your problems are unique. So is our advice.

We’re there to help. No matter your project, no matter your background, Racosch is here to make your life simpler. This is our core philosophy, and all of our work is focused on attaining this objective : we help you interact with the outside world, help you convey the right message to communities, the press, the authorities or even your own employees.

Racosch works with international organizations, companies small and big, but also NGOs and individuals.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, we pride ourselves in the work values that made this country’s success : Quality work and attention to details, a pragmatic approach adapted to everyone’s particular needs.

Startups, multinationals, sports federation or civil society: each and every client faces a different set of challenges. But all come to us for the same reason : they want things done, and they want it done the right way.

Experience Tells Us What To Do. Confidence Allows Us To Do It.


What we do, we do it well

Municipal secretariat

Small and medium towns still need to be able to support their Councils. We have the people to help you run your local administration in a cost-effective manner.

Conferences and training

We get to speak and write a lot, it’s our job, but it’s not like we never had to learn in the first place. We’ll coach you to deliver the right message the right way.


Monitoring content of interest, we make sure you get actionable data.

Public Affairs

Good communication is tailored and targeted. We write, edit, rewrite and promote your messages to make sure they reach the right people.


Knowing where you want to go is only the first of many steps. What channels should you use, what needs to be done ? Don’t go to battle without a battle plan.

Science review

Want to know what the latest paper really means for your business? Is important? We provide easy-to-digest summaries for you to circulate and discuss with your non-scientific colleagues.

Every Story Needs a Messenger


Tech, Banking, International Organizations: We Were There When They Needed Us

Swiss Private Bankers Assoc
European Athletics


Let’s see how we can work together

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Nous sommes là pour vous aider


We Are Known For Efficiency & Readiness

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An Insider Look At Pulse

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Proudly Showcasing The Latest & Most Relevant Cases

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  • DateDescriptionClientCase Study
  • Apr 2015Something Fancy Goes Here RigthJohn NortonView Report →
  • Feb 2015An Awesome Description For YouLundy IndustriesView Report →
  • Dec 2014This Is Some Dummy Text Rita Miller
  • Dec 2014He Was Hoisted Against The ShipGolden WingsView Report →
  • Jun 2014Silence reigned Over The BeforeTen Records Inc.View Report →
  • Feb 2014Stood Leaning Over With Big EyesDiego Tudor
  • Jan 2014Hanging There Midst Intense CalmMary Stiller
  • Nov 2013Planets Lake Infidel Abraham HeadRobert RideView Report →


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Top) Our New York office main desk at the first floor. We have 3 floors with over 500 square feet; Left) Angie Miller preparing for the next court session; Right) Small Conference Room at our Canadian Office located in Ontario;

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