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You spotted an error, a bias on a Wikipedia article. Or you would like to create or improve an entry. But you know that Wikipedia is not just any site: it has rules (most importantly on neutrality), customs and a community that you would like to navigate appropriately.

Raccosch’ team members all are confirmed Wikipedians, with thousands of edits under their belts. They can help you :

  • figure out the notability status of an entry, based on local rules and existing entries, so that you don’t start drafting a text to see it deleted a couple of weeks later;
  • by providing the adequate training. Usually half-day sessions, from absolute beginner to the master coder who unleashes the power of Wikidata-based infoboxes;
  • by helping you with the drafting of an entry, taking care of formatting, finding appropriate references and filling out infoboxes and categories as needed;
  • last but not least, we also provide round-the-clock automated monitoring to see what happens to the article once it is posted.

Racosch editors are active on most large wikis (English, French, German, etc.) as well as on Wikidata.

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